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  • The Boy HoltySo anyway it was a nice rock.June 13, 2017 : 07:16
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    I've been in hiding for the last few months while I've been too damn busy to even remember I had a footy website. Is Ternent still the manager? Seems to change all the time these days.
    Looks like we may be shaping up for a good run this season (at least until the end of October when we begin our annual descent from the top to to the relegation zone).

    Its Football JimJune 16, 2017 : 02:48
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    Have you been away? Can't say we noticed. No, seriously....we thought it was the end of the road for mannyroad...end. When I say we I mean the three of us who still contribute. Thousands read the post seeking any information on your whereabouts! We assumed the worst I'm afraid, until Dave B sighted you at a match. Welcome back. Hope all the hard work was worth it! Looking forward to the new season.

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