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  • thick & thinOxfordMarch 29, 2017 : 06:49
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    It's very simple really having seen that shambles.

    The squad has no strength in depth.

    Several players blatantly do not care whether the team wins or not.

    Several players who do care are either not of the required standard or are now too old.

    We can only hope that LC is as good a manager as his record at Huddersfield suggests. If he is I am confident that we will just avoid relegation and improve next season.

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    Its Football JimMarch 29, 2017 : 09:50
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    I guess a fully committed team with everyone fit and playing well is just about competitive, but in the real world of course you get beat 5:1 every now and then. Like Holty on here, I'm not sure I can be doing with more of this next season. Even my other team Woking are rubbish this year. Thank god for England. What am I saying. I need a drink.

    thick & thinMarch 29, 2017 : 10:45
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    Yes it comes to something when the England national team has to be relied on for inspiration !

    I think that the main reason for my continued support of Bury F.C. is the very real possibility, in my view, that each season could be the Club's last in the top 4 divisions and therefore I want to make the most of it while it's there. Who knows what will happen if and when SD loses interest as he must do at some point ? Having started supporting Bury F.C. when they were in the old 2nd. Division (Colin Bell et al) I have no interest in, or intention of, attending matches in the non-league setup. League 2 is my lowest limit !

    During my 50+ years of supporting Bury my interest has waned at times but I keep coming back and that's why I know that I will never support any other Club any more than I could follow any other county than Lancashire C.C.C.

    Fair enough if the Club goes to the wall in the near future but remember that you don't appreciate the true value of something until its gone !

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