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  • thick & thinMine's a pint !March 17, 2017 : 13:41
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    Yes a tad quiet on here but when was it any different ?
    Much has been said and written about the sending off at Gigg on Tuesday for the two diving offences. Whilst happy to accept the referee's decisions on this occasion I wonder if he would have made them without the well publicised example set by Michael Oliver at Stamford Bridge on Monday ?
    So often players call a referee's bluff by committing offences after having been given an initial yellow card which everyone knows should result in a second but never does.
    On a different and more trivial note am I the only one who cannot stop himself silently counting out the 10 yards when the referee is moving back the defensive wall for a free kick ? Very annoying !!
    Let's hope Holty doesn't close this board at the end of the season but who could blame him ?

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