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  • thick & thinPort Vale etc.January 25, 2017 : 08:05
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    A well deserved point but undoubtedly a result determined more by defensive errors than by purely constructive football. Admittedly a majority of all goals can be traced back to one or more errors but on Friday those errors were decisive.

    I thought that Bury had weathered the initial pressure caused mainly by PV using their wide pitch to good effect and recognising that Reece Brown simply cannot play at fullback at this level. However it was Kay's lack of mobility which was exposed by Walker who was allowed to carry the ball to the edge of the Bury area and lash in a very well struck shot.

    Vaughan had previously twice taken the ball past the 'keeper due to hesitation in the Vale defence. On the first occasion he shot too soon and over the bar, not realising that he had time to steady himself for what would have been a relatively easy side foot home. Subsequently he did get his shot on target only for a defender to make a disappointingly impressive clearance from under the bar.

    The equaliser followed an excellent chase of a loose PV pass by Hope and then cross which Vaughan read and finished perfectly. PV's second came from a hopeful ball forward which bounced past Burgess and as he chased it alongside the PV forward the latter threw himself to the ground and the linesman, not the referee, adjudged it to be a foul. Never in a million years springs to mind !

    Having replaced Brown at half time and moved Soares to right back the formation looked much more solid and Bury's equaliser came from a situation which Bury have conceded goals from so often in the past. A PV corner was intercepted and played out of defence and Mellis, who was great all night when in possession but AWOL when PV had the ball, carried the ball for a good forty yards before releasing a perfect pass to Vaughan whose finish was equally perfect.

    Danny Mayor and George Miller were introduced later in the half and their presence definitely helped Bury keep the ball more in PV's half than Bury's. However the last 10 minutes belonged to PV who, as home teams tend to do, found more energy than Bury to press for a winner. As well as Etuhu played in the second half he was responsible for nearly allowing PV a third goal when he let his opposing midfielder run easily past him to receive a return pass and shoot very narrowly wide. It was unforgiveable of Etuhu who had only played the second half while his opponent had been on he pitch for nearly 90 minutes. Etuhu's mistake was purely down to lack of effort and I hope it was spotted by CB and forcibly pointed out to him !

    Plusses from the evening were bags of spirit shown and 2 excellent goals. The return of Mayor is in my opinion priceless and the teenagers continued to make telling contributions. Also Hope could just be capable of turning into a very useful midfielder - time will tell. For me the only two positions which are critical are right back, which is largely as a result of injuries, and also in midfield where the team is crying out for player who can consistently win a tackle and distribute the ball constructively.

    The etc. in the thread title refers to Jermaine Pennant's signing on which the jury is out (hopefully not literally) and the re-emergence of SD via his latest "Chairman's Update" video. Surely it is just coincidence that this coincides with the team's recent upturn in fortune...not having seen or heard from him since the departure of DF ?!

    P.S. The support on Friday was excellent both in number, volume and positivity.

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