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  • Its Football JimTumbleweedDecember 14, 2016 : 03:15
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    ....drifts there anybody out there? I was going to comment on how come not one of 70 applicants were considered by Mr Day to be the right person to take the club in the direction he had intended. Then I realised they all probably assumed that he meant upwards. That left Mr Day to say that he was more than happy to leave the brain addled Mr Brass (87 yrs old) in charge until the cows come home. I find myself now wondering if there is any point to life. I'm looking for someone who is far more optimistic than I am to show me the light.

    thick & thinDecember 19, 2016 : 07:19
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    Sadly, to SD Bury Football Club appears to be little more than his Subbuteo set, bought with funny money, which has afforded him the opportunity to indulge his ambition of becoming a professional club Chairman and thereby being able to mix with the Football League's "elite" business men. All this at no verifiable cost to himself.
    Wherever the money has come from during SD's ownership, much more has been achieved by other Clubs with far less and without mortgaging their very existence.
    At best, SD has followed some very poor advice during the last three and a half years and continues to be a slow learner and not a particularly good judge of character.
    At worst Bury F.C. will soon be emulating Stockport County, Hereford United and Darlo.
    Happy Christmas !!

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