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  • thick & thinThe Perfect Storm ?November 27, 2016 : 01:57
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    Can be defined as "an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically" (Wiki... etc.)
    Surely the situation at Bury F.C. is the best possible example of a perfect storm in a footballing context ?
    The combination of a Club existing well beyond its means financially, a succession of legal claims against the Club's resources, too small a squad of players, an unbalanced squad in terms of positional expertise, a higher injury rate than normal, an unprecedented number of suspensions, the inability to borrow new players until January, the dearth of experienced managers who have had any success at this level to take over and a support base which means that negative comments from the crowd seem to be magnified out of all proportion must come pretty close to matching the definition.
    Fortunately every storm subsides eventually. The question is does SD have the will, and the money, to clean up after this one ?

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