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  • thick & thinThe Royle Family meet Alan Partridge...result ?November 21, 2016 : 12:21
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    Jimmy Wagg's Monday Night Football Hour on GMR.

    I could only force myself to listen to just over half of this unintentionally hilarious radio programme. As with the characters in the thread title all that could be heard were tired clichés and inarticulate ramblings together with the complete inability to follow a line argument.

    As someone who would have all of the BBC's local radio network shut down to help reduce the Corporation's ludicrous £5 billion annual revenue I shouldn't have been surprised at the programme's laughable attempts to analyse Bury F.C.'s situation and offer plausible solutions.

    I was constantly reminded of the Monty Python sketch in which a professional footballer is being interviewed in the T.V. sports studio and the only response he could offer to every question is "I'm opening a boutique Brian !"

    Sadly it was all on a par with DF's "football speak" that we have enjoyed so much for the last 3 years. Why can't football be discussed in the media at the same articulate level as rugby (not just Union but also League these days) and cricket ? Presumably the perception is that the vast majority of football supporters read the "Sun", drink "Carling Black Label" and survive on "McDonald's" meals.

    So yes...I have answered my own question. But at least that is more than anyone on Jimmy Wagg's Monday Night Football Hour managed to do.

    The Boy HoltyNovember 22, 2016 : 02:38
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    Right, so no great pearls of wisdom then?

    thick & thinNovember 23, 2016 : 10:19
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    Indeed ! Despite Ryan Lowe's presence and a whole programme to get to the bottom of recent Gigg Lane bloopers nothing was divulged which we didn't already know or suspect. Such a wasted opportunity really.

    In a more positive frame of mind I really feel that Bury have the basis of a very good squad. The overall situation reminds me of when Mike Walsh was sacked despite taking Bury to Wembley in the previous season's play-off final with what I believe was a record points total for the Club at that time.

    Of course ST was promoted from assistant manager and with relatively few initial changes to personnel made the team very competitive. I certainly don't believe CB should be promoted to manager but I am confident that the right appointment, e.g. Karl Robinson, could have the same effect.

    Exciting times at Gigg but for largely the wrong reasons !

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