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  • thick & thinFlitcroft Gone...Who's next ?November 21, 2016 : 05:41
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    An excellent summary and in agreement with possible replacements for DF.

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    The Boy HoltyNovember 24, 2016 : 03:40
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    Well my favourite was Karl Robinson but he's just been named the new Charlton manager and Phil Neville has ruled himself out. Who does that leave? I'm not sure who I fancy for this now.

    Its Football JimNovember 24, 2016 : 07:19
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    Why not raffle the job and thereby raise much needed funds at the same time? I doubt Mr Day has any more dosh to inject, and I expect his creditors will be less than happy at the club's current showing. It is now all about trying to survive as a financially viable club I think. The 5 year plan is gone. DF did not deliver, and it seems neither did some of the key players. I'd cut the wage bill and look to survive. Of course the fans could take over managing the club on an alphabetic basis maybe, with one week each it may see us through the season, and with all our fantasy football knowledge could we do worse than anyone else?

    thick & thinNovember 27, 2016 : 02:02
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    After Karl Robinson the only available candidate with experience of this level and a record of some success, who is actually available now, appears to be Steve Cotterill. I just wonder if he or any worthwhile manager would take kindly to his Chairman joining in with "the lads" as SD does.

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