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  • thick & thinIs it too much to ask ?..October 25, 2016 : 11:11
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    ...that Bury's team just try to do the obvious, simple things so that at least when they make mistakes I, for one, will find it easier to tolerate and be sympathetic ?

    For example last night, how did Maher manage to run straight into the back of an attacking opponent in Bury's penalty area like an over enthusiastic Under 11 on his debut for the school team when he had the time and space to position himself goal side and block Clough's path to goal ?

    I also lost count of the times Kay and Barnett, instead of stepping back and taking a high, aimless clearance from a Bolton defender on their chest and start a passing move, simply stepped forward and headed it straight back and lost possession.

    There were numerous other amateurish errors consistently made last night.

    To illustrate the point from a neutral's perspective my wife and I found ourselves sitting next to a French gentlemen last night who, with his young teenage son, was on a mini tour of English football grounds having been to the Etihad on Sunday and will be at the Emirates tonight before returning home.

    After about 20 minutes he turned to me and asked, in all seriousness, "Are these teams semi-professional ?". Obviously his knowledge of English third tier soccer is about as good as mine is of the French third tier league. Sadly I understood why he asked, Bolton had been no better, and was slightly embarrassed to assure him that indeed both teams are full time professionals !

    Surely at any level in any sport the golden rule is when under pressure, either during an individual game or during the season as a whole, everyone reverts to basics. The sooner DF and the players do this the sooner the performances and results will improve.

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