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  • pars shakerNicky ClarkSeptember 3, 2016 : 11:39
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    Signs for us after apparently being gently shunted out by Flitcroft

    We're quite happy about this up here (although I personally could do without anyone who played for The Stinking Vermin Formerly Known As Rangers),but I was just wondering about you full time Shakers thoughts on this...?

    thick & thinSeptember 4, 2016 : 07:06
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    Not much evidence to base an opinion on I'm afraid but although reasonably skilful with the ball at his feet he looked physically too lightweight for an 'out and out' forward in League 1. Probably the victim of DF's desperation to fill the space left by Leon Clarke's departure and would have been given more of a chance to develop had James Vaughan not suddenly become available.
    Looking at how other English League 1 players have faired in Scottish football he should do well in the Championship. Hopefully it won't dent his confidence too much. After all most Bury fans would have preferred to keep Clarke and Hussey but they have gone from being guaranteed a place in Sheffield United's starting XI to being on the bench for today's match at Gillingham after just 5 games !

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