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  • thick & thinDF's interview post Walsall...August 28, 2016 : 02:18
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    During this interview DF gave the impression that the first half shambles at Walsall was due mainly to a lack of effort/application/desire etc. on the part of the team. It wasn't. Bury created just as many good goal scoring opportunities as Walsall in the first 45 minutes. Unfortunately they created a few even better ones for their opponents.
    That the first half problems were due mainly to the players selected and the positions they played in plus the overall team formation he did not, for obvious reasons, mention. I am sure DF does realise what the problem was due to his early substitution of Maher for Pope and the change in formation that forced him to make.
    However only by starting future matches with the same 11 players, and formation, which finished the Walsall match will we know that he is not going to ruin Bury's season and his own career prospects by being too clever for his own good.

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