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  • thick & thinGone for a Burton...August 11, 2016 : 06:10
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    Following on from Saturday's excellent win I went to Burton last night and was mightily impressed with the performance if not the result. All 14 players made a positive contribution and of course Mellis had a golden opportunity to win it on 91 minutes. That he didn't score is probably due to the fact that he doesn't find himself in that situation often enough. Having said that the pass to him, from Clark I think, was of Premier League standard.
    The team were clearly physically fit, motivated, organised and playing for each other. If DF can preserve last night's approach for the remainder of the season I am confident of a league position comfortably clear of any threat of relegation. Obviously injuries and suspensions will take their toll but given how well DF appears to have strengthened the squad I would expect him to use the loan market to good effect to cancel out those issues.
    Last night the defence was far better organised and cohesive compared with last season and when attacking there was potential across the width of the pitch. In addition, Danns wasn't used which adds to the options for league fixtures.
    Although results from last season's first 10 fixtures were exceptional this squad looks to be far better balanced and the formation(s) and tactics far more suited to the strengths of the individuals.
    Let's hope DF's doubters give him a fair chance. It would be a pity if their negativity adversely affected the players - especially the new ones.

    The Boy HoltyAugust 15, 2016 : 08:17
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    That's good to hear, that we look like a decent team.


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