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  • Its Football JimGigg or bust?June 6, 2016 : 04:04
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    Bury seems to be on a cliff edge. As we stand we do not generate enough income to sustain a league 1 future (or possibly any league existence in reality). We posted a £2.9m loss the season before last, and presumably that trend will have continued this season. This spend is the minimum necessary to have taken us out of L2 and allowed us to compete in L1. Clearly it cannot continue at that rate or investors will pull out and Mr Day will find his business plan in tatters. The club will then go into administration. So, we resist the urge to spend on new players, and we sell astutely. we sell shares (which raised £1m), and we try to coax more investors to join the happy family. Longer term, we would like to move away from Gigg to a purpose built stadium based on generating more income other than from match day (Chesterfield is often cited as a good example). The council would support this provided a business case can be made. Surely to make such a case we would need to have a significant boost to attendances. Would this come from a new location with better access and parking? Isn't it a bit chicken and egg? If we can't invest in the team due to financial constraints, we can't hope for raised attendances, but we can't invest in new players without the certainty that attendances will rise. I'm not sure at all what this relationship is, or what is regarded as a minimum match day income to sustain a L1 presence, but I'd like to know. Is investing in Bury FC to create a self sufficient club capable of a sustained L1 presence with potential to push for Championship football all just pie in the sky? I'd hope not obviously, but plodding along as we were does not seem an option either these days.

    thick & thinJune 9, 2016 : 09:33
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    I suspect that the answer is "pie in the sky"!
    The only target average home attendance figure for the 2015/6 season that I have heard mentioned is 7,000. Even if that figure is not what SD hoped for it is still a reasonable one for an ambitious League 1 club and a miracle for Bury when looking at the past 50 or so seasons.
    However if that figure had been achieved and with the extra 3,500 fans all paying £18 each, i.e. not the cheaper season ticket rates or concessions, the extra income generated would still be less than £1.5 million.
    That would obviously still leave a huge hole in the Club's finances and adds to the confusion over SD's credentials for achieving his reported aims.
    I can only hope that if a new ground is built that it will be overseen by Bury Council because I for one have no confidence in SD's ability to successfully manage a project of such magnitude by himself.

    The Boy HoltyJuly 3, 2016 : 23:29
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    I agree, the current plan isn't sustainable and its all likely to end in tears, our that is, not Stewart Day's.

    Its Football JimAugust 1, 2016 : 04:04
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    OOOOooooooooohhhhhh goddddddddddd

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