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  • thick & thinNext season...May 22, 2016 : 05:29
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    Looking back over last season it seems to me that the roller coaster fluctuations in results reflected the balance of the squad at the start of the season. When injuries (whether real or to disguise other issues), suspensions and loss of form occurred there weren't genuine replacements available to fill specific positions.
    Consequently DF was forced, through his own recruitment policy, to play people out of position or change the team's formation to suit the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the available players.
    Therefore I suspect that we will get a very strong indication of next season's prospects not just based on the individual ability and experience of the squad members but also by whether or not there is genuine competition for all 11 positions throughout the season. DF may have fallen into the trap of believing that because his first 2 seasons were successful he has the ability to ask a player to play in any position or ask the starting 11 to play in any formation and it will work just because he says so.
    New fixtures June 22 I think.

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