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  • thick & thinLaws are like sausages and final league positions. You should never watch them being made...April 25, 2016 : 01:13
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    So said Otto von Bismarck, well nearly. You can guess which bit I added.
    How could he have known how Bury F.C.'s 2015/6 season would unfold ?
    At the beginning of the season I optimistically predicted a 10th. place finish but I am more than happy with whatever the final position is mainly because of the decent points total and number of games actually won. I addition there have been notable highlights such as the double over the Blades and victories at pivotal times of the season such as the home wins against Peterborough and Doncaster.
    However there have been appalling performances to counterbalance the brilliant plus too many mundane ones.
    I therefore have absolutely no confidence in predicting what next season will bring. Irrespective of which players come and go during the summer a play-off place is just as achievable as a relegation place taking this season's performances on the field by the players and off the field by the management team into account.
    Hence the thread title...I am pleased with the final league position but I haven't always enjoyed watching how it has been achieved.
    And well done to Lancs C.C. on their opening fixture victory over Notts.

    The Boy HoltyApril 25, 2016 : 01:40
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    Yes some of it has been hard to watch, but overall we've done well I think


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