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  • Its Football JimIs everyone happy with our position this season?April 19, 2016 : 05:28
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    Would you have settled for a mid table position for our first season up in League 1 or with all the investment were you expecting more of a push for top 10? Personally I am relieved we achieved safety in the end, but started out thinking we might be higher. It looks a tough league to me, with some strong teams, and I think just to be competitive in the top half would be an achievement. If we could be in that position and financially stable that would suit me. Maybe mix in the odd cup run, and life could be worse. What do you think?

    thick & thinApril 22, 2016 : 11:02
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    As I said 3 months ago and everything that has happened since reinforces my opinion...

    "While there is still time for the playing squad to be improved, or depleted, before tomorrow's lunchtime deadline I sincerely hope that SD and DF have come to their senses about what is achievable for the Club now that we are into the second half of the season and the FA Cup run has ended.

    Whichever division BFC play in their home support is always that of a mid-table team in the division below. With all the talk of financial pressure at the Club goodness only knows what the situation would be without the cup run (SD has been very fortunate there !).

    Although DF is still a relatively inexperienced manager the season so far has shown that he has a huge amount to learn tactically and with regard to man management. Both SD and DF should reconsider very carefully what they commit themselves and the Club to during the next 18 months. I don't think the Club has yet passed the point of no return financially but if the holy grail of Championship football continues to be pursued I am confident that non-league football will be the result.

    BFC should aim to be a Club which is on a financially sound footing in League 1 and hoping for a good run in the 3 cup competitions. Achieving a play-off place, to retain the supporters' interest and generate income, should be the height of their ambition at the start of each season."

    We all would love Championship football but having started supporting the Club when it was in the old 2nd Division and having seen the end result of Stan Ternent's efforts 30 years later, I just cannot see a financial future for Bury F.C. at that level.

    Having said all of that I will look forward to the F.A. issuing next season's fixtures in June as enthusiastically as I did 50 years ago !

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    Its Football JimApril 25, 2016 : 04:25
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    Ah yes. Sorry if I was raking over old ground then. I hadn't spotted your earlier post which pretty much sums up how I feel too. Spot on.

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