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  • thick & thinOccam's Razor...February 17, 2016 : 05:51
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    There is an episode of 'The Simpsons' in which Lisa, bless her, refers to Occam's Razor. Although I know that all of our readers have Philosophy PhDs I will remind you of the principle in case you were away that day:

    William of Ockham, a Franciscan friar who studied logic in the 14th century, first made this principle, or razor, well known. In Latin it is sometimes called lex parsimoniae, or "the law of briefness". This translates from the Latin literally as: More things should not be used than are necessary.

    So what can DF learn from William of Ockham ? Hopefully that he will pick the same starting XI for Saturday's fixture against Colchester as started last night against Sheffield United.

    Incidentally I suggested back in November that Bury's best attacking pairing is Ryan Lowe and Leon Clarke. After last night I hope that DF persists with this partnership for as long as possible this season.

    The Boy HoltyFebruary 18, 2016 : 03:13
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    Yes indeed. People forget that David Flitcroft has only been a football manager for a couple of years and he makes mistakes. The important thing is that he learns from his mistakes and we'll probably get an idea of that when we see the line-up on Saturday.
    Alternatively he could make three or four changes and then use Occam's razor to have a shave, or to cut his own throat after we lose at home to the division's worst side.


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