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  • thick & thinReality check...January 31, 2016 : 07:56
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    While there is still time for the playing squad to be improved, or depleted, before tomorrow's lunchtime deadline I sincerely hope that SD and DF have come to their senses about what is achievable for the Club now that we are into the second half of the season and the FA Cup run has ended.

    Whichever division BFC play in their home support is always that of a mid-table team in the division below. With all the talk of financial pressure at the Club goodness only knows what the situation would be without the cup run (SD has been very fortunate there !).

    Although DF is still a relatively inexperienced manager the season so far has shown that he has a huge amount to learn tactically and with regard to man management. Both SD and DF should reconsider very carefully what they commit themselves and the Club to during the next 18 months. I don't think the Club has yet passed the point of no return financially but if the holy grail of Championship football continues to be pursued I am confident that non-league football will be the result.

    BFC should aim to be a Club which is on a financially sound footing in League 1 and hoping for a good run in the 3 cup competitions. Achieving a play-off place, to retain the supporters' interest and generate income, should be the height of their ambition at the start of each season.

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    The Boy HoltyFebruary 4, 2016 : 01:34
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    While I'm quite sure you have the agreement of most sensible Bury fans including myself, I don't think Stewart Day shares our views. I think he sees the Championship as a league which will bring somewhere between 500 and 2500 away fans for pretty much every game and that somehow the previously disinterested Bury public will suddenly find themselves with a spare £25 every other Saturday and decide that Gigg Lane is the place to spend it. I actually believe he forsees 7000 - 8000 attendances for every home game, citing the Southend game last season as an example of the potential interest.
    "Build it (and make it free) and they will come."

    I think he's a bit deluded and while your forecast of such ambitions resulting in non-league football sound a bit scary, my worry is that when he sees crowds of 3500 on a Tuesday evening in January in the Championship, he'll lose interest and it will all go tits up.
    I've been saying this ever since he came along, that the next ten years would be the best and the last in the club's history and I've seen nothing yet to change my view.


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