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  • thick & thinWatershed ?January 15, 2016 : 04:36
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    Now that we are half way through SD's 5 year plan I wonder if he maybe starting to have second thoughts ? As many supporters will 'know', especially those who have been following the Club for more than the last 20 years, there is seemingly nothing anyone can do to draw in to Gigg Lane a sufficiently high average home league crowd to sustain Championship football.
    All the historic statistics support this view and currently Rotherham's average gate of 9000+, being the lowest in these season's Championship, is obviously way above anything Bury FC have or could command.
    Therefore despite SD and DF's best efforts, which I think have been fantastic, I wonder if this realisation has dawned in the Club's boardroom.
    The current transfer window will I believe give the clue to whether SD has lost heart or not. The best the Club can do is to try to emulate Crewe Alex under Dario Gradi and time has proven that his approach can only work for a few seasons in the Championship.
    Whilst applauding SD's effect on the Club I fear more than ever that if and when he realises that he is flogging a dead horse with the Bury public, that the debts incurred in the name of Bury FC will leave the Club in the same predicament as Bolton Wanderers now.
    Happy New Year !!

    The Boy HoltyJanuary 15, 2016 : 09:05
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    It certainly seems like fantasy to think that Bury could ever sustain Championship football for any period of time without racking up potentially fatal debts.


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