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  • thick & thinStrengthening the squad ?December 31, 2015 : 05:33
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    For me it has to be a midfield ball winner who can win a tackle and then pass accurately to a team mate without putting him under pressure. Sounds simple to me and Andrew Tutte fits the bill. However with his long-term injury there is, in my opinion, no one at the Club who is capable of filling that role consistently.
    I think all other outfield positions are covered but this midfield problem is putting too much pressure on everyone else and they often find themselves either over committed to an attack or out of position in defence through suddenly losing possession unexpectedly.
    No coincidence to me that away form has dipped in Tutte's absence. Hopefully DF agrees !!
    P.S. Happy New Year to all and bring back Ryan Lowe for this season at least.

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