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  • The Boy HoltyFrom BBC website "Bolton Wanderers: Championship strugglers set for winding-up order"December 8, 2015 : 01:18
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    Our neighbours and traditional local rivals are in big trouble.

    Revenue and Customs are about to issue a winding-up order and the financial advisor brought in to oversee a possible takeover (in the absence of Phil Gartside who is reported to be gravely ill) is warning that administration could be close. Their owner, Eddie Davies is ready to write of £172.9 million of debt, which is good news for them, but any new buyer would be expected to have to borrow in order to get the club back to health and that would begin a new cycle of debt. In short, they are fucked.

    With administration looking likely and with them bottom of the championship as it is, I think we can fairly safely look forward to renewing old acquaintances next season, if they still exist, that is.

    Tee hee hee. Up the fuckin' Shakers.

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