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  • Its Football JimFootball League Management Game 2007 versionNovember 13, 2015 : 08:29
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    I dusted off an old xbox 360 LMA game the other day to have a play. Given it has 2007 squad details I thought I'd look up some current players. It had Leon Clarke still at Wolves, aged 22, and valued at £1,900,000. Ryan Lowe it had playing for Woking in the conference valued at £140,000, aged 28. However he had scored 4 in 2 games at the point I looked him up. They clearly hadn't anticipated his late career surge. I'm still playing with Andy Bishop whose value I have got up to a staggering £340,000! The main strikers were Young and Tipton, and of course Mr Flitcroft, Dwayne Mattis, Paul Scott in midfield. I kept Dave Chalinor in defence but let Chris Brass go (he was already about 47 even in 2007). I am currently looking for promotion out of div 2 by the way, but my old xbox is on the blink, and keeps telling me it cannot read the game. Bugger.

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    The Boy HoltyNovember 16, 2015 : 02:41
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    2006/07 was the year that Chris Casper lead us to one of our worst ever league finishes - the genius that he is. I'll bet Nicky Adams was at his prime in 2007 and Glynn Hurst maybe? I remember that was the year we got chucked out of the FA Cup.

    Its Football JimNovember 20, 2015 : 10:33
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    I remember it well, the record runs of games without a goal from open play, the youngest manager in league old was he anyway? Gynne Hurst I should look up. Nicky Adams and Richie Baker were both "ones for the future" still, and though I kept them in my team, I'm afraid they never really delivered and I had to let them go.

    By pure fluke I achieved consecutive promotions from league 2 to the championship, building a new training complex on the way. Shrewd and astute bying and selling has given me a healthy bank balance and I'm mid table in the Championship. However, disaster has just struck.

    My assistant manager has just renegotiated contract extensions for my team in the January window, for some reason. The pillock spent the entire wage budget before he had finished, leaving my star striker, winger and defender and goalie out of contract. The board won't sanction an increase in budget so I am a bit stuffed. It is impossible to buy decent players on the wage budget given, unless I could get the gate receipts up. You can tell this is getting to me. Its bloody stressful this management lark.

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