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  • thick & thinWhat an excellent start to the season...November 2, 2015 : 11:54
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    Even the most optimistic supporter would have been hard pushed to imagine a play-off position after a third of the fixtures especially with the injury situation at the Club. Pre-season it seemed as though Bury's Achilles Heel would be the size and strength in depth of the squad but players like Reece Brown and Danny Pugh have done a brilliant job. Whatever has happened to Ryan Lowe and especially Daniel Nardiello ?
    I really like the way DF throws in the youngsters, like Scott Burgess, regardless of the situation in a game. It must do wonders for their confidence to know that they are trusted. Its a real shame Matty Foulds is unavailable now as the time is ideal for him to fight for a regular first team place. However with such poor home support (I agree that 3,500 against Blackpool is predictably disappointing) SD has to be allowed to recoup some of his outlay from time to time.
    Interesting to see a couple of former Shakers appearing in the BBC's documentary about Salford City F.C. I had almost forgotten about Gareth Seddon and Jason Jarrett but it wasn't difficult to see how precarious a professional footballers career is for all sorts of reasons. If you didn't see the first part watch the second one this week - Thursday I think.

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