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  • thick & thinIt was 1925...September 15, 2015 : 02:33
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    ...when Bury last won at Bramhall Lane !

    February 7th. to be precise in front of another 20,000 crowd. That was in the days when we were in Division 1 (aka the Premier League) and a match for anyone.

    To prove that point other notable results that season include a victory at Arsenal (1-0); draws at Aston Villa (3-3), Liverpool (0-0), West Ham (1-1), Everton (0-0), Spurs (1-1) and Man City (0-0); plus home wins against Villa (4-3 Att: 22,322), Sunderland (3-0 26,405), Spurs (5-2! 16,071), Bolton (1-0 33,872), West Ham (4-2 15,647), Everton (1-0 16,503) and Arsenal again (2-0 10,018).

    Bury finished 5th. that season with an average home attendance of 19,333; the highest in the Club's history.

    What a great Club we support !

    Stats taken from Peter Cullen's excellent 'Official History'.

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    The Boy HoltySeptember 17, 2015 : 02:13
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    Were you at that match?

    thick & thinSeptember 22, 2015 : 07:54
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    Sadly no...but wouldn't it have been great to watch Bury that season ?!

    Another excellent victory last Saturday but what a very disappointing turn out from Bury townsfolk. Only just over 3,000 in a crowd of 4,300. I hope Stewart Day can afford the low crowds but then at least there will be a good number of large away team followings this season to compensate for the terminal lack of interest in Bury.

    Having said that both Burton and Rochdale are above us in the table with even smaller home attendances so its all relative isn't it ?

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