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  • thick & thinNever mind losing at Wembley in '95...what about winning at Walsall ?!September 7, 2015 : 09:49
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    Very professional performance on Saturday but if Walsall had ever equalised I couldn't see Bury scoring again. Mayor was brilliant in flashes but the back 5 plus Craig Jones were brilliant throughout.

    Leon Clarke doesn't suit playing as a lone target man so DF will have his work cut out keeping him happy if he persists with that formation. However it bodes well that DF and the squad seem to adapting quickly to the demands of the higher division.

    Just as Bury are something of a bogey team to Walsall so are Sheff Utd to Bury. I can't remember the last time we got anywhere near beating them. I would be delighted with a point on Saturday. Can't understand why it's 'all ticket' for away supporters though as the section of the stand allocated holds nearly 3,000. Delighted that every Bury supporter in the UK is expected !

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