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  • The Boy HoltyBury v Chesterfield at WembleySeptember 3, 2015 : 06:14
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    Just pootling about on YouTube and I found this - highlights of our 1995 trip to Wembley

    Bury v Chesterfield Wembley

    Its Football JimSeptember 4, 2015 : 03:25
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    Well it was a great experience to see Bury at proper Wembley even if not the best game ever from our perspective. We did put it right the following season though I think. Thanks for the reminder.

    thick & thinSeptember 7, 2015 : 09:35
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    Thanks for posting but I wish you hadn't. Probably my lowest point in 50 years of watching Bury. Far worse than any relegation, narrowly missed promotion or last minute goal against.

    Due I suspect to the occasion of being at Wembley and not helped by a sub-standard display on the day by an otherwise very good Bury team and an abysmal display by the match officials.

    Felt really sorry for Mike Walsh as well as myself !

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