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  • The Boy HoltyAbuseAugust 25, 2015 : 03:55
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    Flicker got a load of abuse from a very very small number of Bury 'fans' after Saturday's draw at Crewe. There really are some utter wankers about who follow the team all around the place but who seemingly have no clue whatsoever about football.
    I wasn't able to make it to Crewe but I gather that Flitcroft went over to the fans to make the point that he was working hard on our current defensive frailties and then started getting stick. I'm sure he'll get it sorted soon, but what we now don't need is any negativity tonight when we play Leicester who, let's be honest, have every chance of scoring five or six against us.

    Its Football JimAugust 25, 2015 : 09:46
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    One of those results I'm going to sneak a look at and stay quiet about probably, so my wife and son are not able to have a laugh at my expense. Don't we hold a joint record score of 10:0 against from a West Ham game in this competition some years ago? I'm looking for improvement on that.

    Then there was that 3:6 against Norwich a few years back too.

    I hope we ignore defence and just see how many we can not. Shame this match didn't come up when we were a bit more sorted. I feel sorry for the Brighton goalie facing all this flak. My Brighton fan mate cannot believe he has the worst goals against record in the league. He really is very good. Do we have support at centre back perhaps?

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