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  • thick & thinNicky Adams and Bury Times irony...May 15, 2015 : 12:44
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    How ironic that the Bury Times should run a story on Thursday afternoon featuring Nicky Adams saying, amongst other things, that "...playing in League 1 will suit our style much more than playing in League 2...".

    Towards the end of the article are the fateful words " manager David Flitcroft drew up his retained list, which was still to be announced when the Bury Times went to press."

    A great shame for all concerned in my opinion.

    The Boy HoltyMay 21, 2015 : 00:33
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    Yes I agree its a shame that Nicky Adams is leaving. It was like a homecoming when he returned last summer - a big deal for him and the club. It must have been a tough decision for DF letting him go but I hope it turns out to be the right one.


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