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  • thick & thinA brilliant season...May 11, 2015 : 12:10
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    Thank goodness it finished well last weekend. Now that the play-offs have begun I couldn't stand the thought of Bury being involved and then losing out.
    An amazing achievement really considering the pressure on DF from the first game of the season and especially after the Shrewsbury debacle and the poor form towards the end of the year. Any manager that can change players, formations and tactics as DF did mid-season with the success it brought is the genuine article.
    I would hate to think what would have happened to the likes of Cameron and Mayor if promotion hadn't been achieved.
    Thanks for keeping the website going Holty and roll on August !

    The Boy HoltyMay 14, 2015 : 01:53
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    It was a pretty amazing achievement and it was a season which will live long in the memory.
    Cheers for the comment and the support for the site. Its been going now for just over seven years and although I occasionally consider packing it in, I think it will be around for a long time to come.


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