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  • Laurence2Hi From the Highlands of ScotlandMay 6, 2015 : 06:59
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    May 6, 2015

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    Having left Bury area in 193 ( Job with British Rail in Kent ), My trips to Lancashire have been few and far between, Whilst always a Bury supporter I have been quite a regular at the old Wimbledon before they joined MK Dons ( congrats to them by the way ). I now live near Inverness ( and a Caley Jags watcher ) when the weather is god.
    Congrats on your season. I am amazed at your new training ground .
    I must mention to Dundee shaker, his team lost to Caley last night hope he isn't too upset by this, or he supports Dundee rather than United. My season is not complete as yet as I have a little matter of the Scottish cup final to attend too.
    Good luck for next season.


    dundeeshakerMay 6, 2015 : 07:27
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    hello laurence2 always nice to see a new shaker on board,,,yes a awesome end to the season..i moved up to jockland 1984..but once a shaker always a shaker,,very neutral me with the dundee teams,,i only have one team ..good luck in the final enjoy the day if you are going

    shaker till i die
    pars shakerMay 10, 2015 : 02:43
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    Welcome aboard Laurence...a good season for you all round,what with Bury getting promoted and ICT qualifying for (gulp) the Europa League...we'll see how good these continental teams really are when they have to do it on a dreich Thursday night in Inverness...a remarkable state ofaffairs for sure
    Just spotted your other post regarding auld Wattie,I'll reply over there
    Best wishes for the Cup Final sir,'mon the Ness!

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