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  • Its Football JimHow did that happen??May 2, 2015 : 10:25
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    I never for a moment doubted that result did you? What a team Morecambe are, beating Bury, Wycombe and now Southend. What a last day of the season! How many away wins on the run did we end up with? Who cares. Well done to everyone involved from one very happy long distance supporter.

    dundeeshakerMay 3, 2015 : 01:37
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    well said ,what an afternoon shouting at the tv .and yes a big thank you to morecambe .sore head today but made sure a lot of dundee ken who the mighty bury fc are..and yes a big well done to all at stade de gigg
    onwards and upwards..

    shaker till i die
    pars shakerMay 3, 2015 : 13:11
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    Great stuff from Bury,I‘m well chuffed about this...congrats to all involved,brilliant :-)

    Laurence2How did this HappenMay 8, 2015 : 08:21
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    May 6, 2015

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    To The Pars fan
    I remember Walter Kelly my first centre Forward at Gigg Lane His brother Willie Kelly was the Centre Half at Blackburn
    They used to know lumps out of each other whenever the teams met

    pars shakerMay 10, 2015 : 02:55
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    Their inclination to kick lumps out of each other wasn‘t limited to the football pitch either,let me assure you :-)

    Great to come across someone who saw the pair of them in their playing Grandad and Uncle Willie both said that those were the best days of their respective careers..
    They‘re both long gone now,but I‘m sure they‘re still up there in that great Gigg Lane in the sky,happily booting the crap out of each other...
    I often wonder what they would think of today‘s football,although I suspect they probably wouldn‘t be overly quote an oft used phrase from auld Wattie -

    "Fitba' players? I‘ve shat better fitba‘ players..."

    Thanks for the memories..

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