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  • thick & thinTuesday's attendance ?April 20, 2015 : 11:24
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    With so many factors involved I find it very difficult to put a figure on this. Not least of all because I might be sadly disappointed with the lack of interest shown by the Bury public.

    When promotion was won to the Championship under Stan Ternant the final home game against Millwall attracted a crowd in excess of 9000 with many locked out. Annoyingly the Cemetery End, which was reserved for away fans, held about 200 that afternoon !

    The fact that its a Tuesday evening fixture is a major minus but the fact that there are no competing fixtures should be a big plus. Free entry is of course the biggest carrot so I am going for a figure of 6995.

    Anybody else for a go ?

    Oh yes and very well done to Danny Mayor !

    The Boy HoltyApril 21, 2015 : 00:33
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    Under slightly different circumstances we might have had fans from Wycombe, Shrewsbury and Burton coming along aswell and possibly made history by having five sets of supporters at one game. But with Burton already promoted and Shrewsbury's promotion unable to be confirmed tonight, we might still get some Wycombe fans at Gigg this evening.

    The fact that its a Tuesday night will make a big difference so I reckon the attendance will be around 5500.

    dundeeshakerApril 22, 2015 : 01:17
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    fuck sore one when was in our own hands

    shaker till i die
    Its Football JimApril 22, 2015 : 02:35
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    Oh bugger. Whatever the ups and downs, a good deal of progress this season, and imagine next season if we push on even more. Lots to look forwards to.

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