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  • The Boy HoltySouthend fans reported to be "A bit fed up"March 30, 2015 : 06:40
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    The 342 Southend fans who made the trip up north to see their team must be feeling a bit aggrieved. Its probably less painful if you travel the length of the country to see your team get hammered than going all that way and only seeing 6 minutes of football.
    I think Bury will reimburse fans who can't make the re-arranged match, but only for the match ticket. For petrol costs, train fares and hotel bills, the fans will just have to take the hit.
    Its not just Southend fans either, the lads I watch Bury with live in such places as Westhoughton, Telford and Blackpool aswell as Bury. Anyway I'm skipping cos I had to miss the match.


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