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  • The Boy HoltyAngry manMarch 24, 2015 : 02:05
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    I wrote a blog about DF's comments regarding the fans booing the team. I'd be interested to hear your comments.

    One more thing, that I didn't refer to in the blog, was that he said that these people should stay away from the club. That's bollocks, because these people are bringing vital funds into the club when they pay their £15 on the gate, and that income brings more benefit to the club than their negativity takes away.

    The message should be "Keep coming, but stop moaning".

    Calm down David, its just a commercial

    thick & thinMarch 26, 2015 : 13:19
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    Excellent blog and all valid points. I must admit that when I first logged onto the Club's YouTube site to listen to DF's post match interview and saw that it only ran to 7+ minutes, compared to the usual 15+, I wondered if something was amiss. DF also had another gripe about the pitch which doesn't seem overly poor compared to many around the lower leagues at this time of year. He was very frosty towards one interviewer in particular and I got the impression that whatever he was asked he would reply pretty defensively.

    My guess is that he was being overly protective towards players who he takes a genuine interest in. Also its not that uncommon at this stage of the season for managers to be over sensitive. John Sheridan publicly criticised the Plymouth fans for booing the team off at half time even though they weren't losing!

    In conclusion I'm just glad the national press didn't pick up on DF's comments as they did with Sheridan's otherwise I think the fallout could have been quite detrimental. Hopefully the fuss will unite the fans for the rest of the season in a similar way to when Alan Knill left the Club in the lurch...and we all know what happened next!

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