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  • The Boy HoltyBL9 FestivalMarch 9, 2015 : 09:21
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    On Saturday it was announced that the BL9 festival will take place on June 13th and 14th featuring the liked of Happy Mondays, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Farm.
    Local residents are quite reasonably up in arms as there has been no consultation between them and the club which seems a bit inconsiderate to me.

    pars shakerMarch 13, 2015 : 15:07
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    I don‘t know the intimate details of this,but it seems like this isn‘t a bad idea,in a fundraising sense...up north,the Pars have a gig at East End Park soon,featuring Dunfermline legends *cough* Big Country and my boys Nazareth...I think its a brilliant idea to utilise our stadiums for other entertainment events..

    I would love to discuss this more,but Im a bit pished

    COYP &COYS..

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