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  • thick & thinFinancial losses...February 13, 2015 : 11:22
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    Ironically the Club have had the opportunity to recoup the majority of the reported £1.6 million loss via the F.A. Cup. Cambridge reportedly made over £1 million from their cup run and of course that could have been Bury.

    If the fixtures against Cheltenham and Hartlepool don't provide 6 points I think we might be able to hear the distant rumble of bulldozers. I have some sympathy for DF with the Gigg Lane pitch scandalously failing, McNulty and one or two other regulars losing form so
    dramatically and Lowe being injured for such a long period. However having seen the Shrewsbury and Burton rugby teams deal so effectively with Bury's style I wonder if DF's footballing philosophy might not be too subtle for League 2?

    If promotion isn't achieved this season it isn't really conceivable that the Club could survive with losses of over £3 million by it?

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