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  • The Boy HoltyRochdale - an apologyFebruary 11, 2015 : 08:34
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    I'd like to apologise for the news item with the headline "Rochdale is a Shit-hole" in which I present the opinion that Rochdale is a shit hole. I now accept that to refer to this as a news item is a gross exaggeration and is in fact something that occasional and frequent visitors to the town have known for years.

    The town has been unanimously voted "The Worst Place on Earth" for seventeen of the last twenty years *, the other winners including Hararre (capital of Zimbabwe), Mogadishu in Somalia - a place that happily refers to itself as "the most lawless and dangerous city on Earth", and Middlesbrough. Even when the competition was briefly expanded to include fictitious, interplanetary locations in 2010, Mos-Eisely only came third.

    Rochdale does have some redeeming features let's not forget (and it would be an unfair misrepresentation of the town to leave those out) and they are 1) proximity to Bury, 2) access to a local motorway for quick escape, and 3) there is a fountain in the town centre that only gets pissed in seven or eight times a week.

    So don't worry Rochdalians. Yes you do live in a dump, and no you can't visit Bury for a taste of the good life, but life's short so all being well, you'll be dead soon. Chin up.

    * voted by me, incidentally

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