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  • thick & thinDanny Mayor and Greg FarrellDecember 29, 2014 : 05:01
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    For those not old enough to have seen Greg Farrell play at Gigg Lane but who know how highly he is thought of watch Danny Mayor at his best yesterday and you will understand why.

    These two players have the uncanny knack of seemingly being able to run faster with a football under close control than they can run without it. In addition they can offer the ball to their marker and then take it away as the defender commits himself.

    Also remember that GF was doing this for Bury two Divisions higher. Let's hope DM will be doing the same.

    Interesting to hear DF say that the team didn't compete physically enough during November but now are. I think that old fashioned 'trying harder' also ticks that particular box.

    The Boy HoltyJanuary 7, 2015 : 08:43
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    I don't remember Greg Farrell, but I do remember Danny Mayor.

    In the meantime David Flitcroft continues to not get the best out of probably the most talented group of players we've had in decades, and its getting frustrating. Its the expectation that's killing the fun for me. When we don't win after being 2-0 up or when we lose home and away to shit like Dagenham & Redbridge, we're all thinking that we should be beating these and most other teams and we're right.

    Chinacat53Gregory farrellJanuary 12, 2015 : 08:16
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    January 12, 2015

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    "there's only one Gregory Farrell" was the chant at Gigg Lane when he was the maestro during 1967-69. GF was the bees knees and still brings back memories of his skill on the wing! Oh how I wish he could have been in the same team as Frankie Worthington.
    I used to talk to Ray Parry about GF, when he had the newsagents in Bolton and it was clear that he regarded GF as one of the best. Ray Parry, what a gent who will be greatly missed. Remember watching him at Bloomfield Road along with Jimmy Armfield. Showing my age! Do you remember the 2-7 home defeat against Newcastle in Oct. 1961? My first match at Gigg Lane.

    thick & thinJanuary 17, 2015 : 08:54
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    I don't go back that far. My first match was October '64 when Southampton drew 3-3 at Gigg on a Friday night. Excellent game with Terry Paine (in the England squad at that time) scoring a penalty right in front of me at the Manny Road End. Billy Griffin then got one at the same end in the second half. My brother and I were standing on the cinders in front of the terracing and felt as though we were on the pitch!

    I was hooked on watching Bury from that night as the only other football I had seen live up to then was at Old Trafford with my Dad. No doubt it was a great standard, e.g. I saw United beat Benfica 3-2 in the European Cup prior to the return leg in Lisbon when United won 5-1 and George Best got 4 of them!

    The only problem with watching a match at OT was that, as a kid in the main stand seats, it was like watching a game of Subbuteo.

    Also, that first match at Gigg just before Bonfire Night included loads of rockets being set off from in front of the Boys' Stand during the match - magic !

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