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  • thick & thinWould the Club survive not reaching the playoffs ?December 13, 2014 : 13:35
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    Having seen today's abject surrender at Oxford I wonder if SD has enough interest in being the owner of an unsuccessful Club to stay the course. For the players it doesn't seem to be a case of ability but rather attitude which defines the current slide in fortunes.

    Too many players seem to expect a team mate to do put in the physical effort which will regain possession of the ball which now is so easily given away. It seems odd to be accusing League 2 players of being prima donnas. Surely this should be reserved for Premier League poodles who have been pampered from the age of 10 ? However a sufficient number of current Bury FC players appear to believe too much in DF's early season public praise of them and are too precious to simply TRY HARDER to win a tackle, a header or simply get goal side of their opponent when not in possession.

    Until a critical minority of the current squad (and it was obvious from their body language today that they know themselves who they are) are honest enough to put in 100% effort over the entire course of every game I don't see things improving.

    Over to DF...

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    The Boy HoltyDecember 15, 2014 : 01:41
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    Its a frightening thought when you wonder what would happen if Stewart called it a Day because who would want to take us over? We have an expensive squad and there's quality there but for all our pre-season hype, the end product isn't worth a thing.
    And how long until Flitcroft's job is under threat? He's been championed as the man to take us to the championship but doesn't look like he has any idea how to motivate players who couldn't care less. Sacking him could spell disaster, but keeping him in place when he's doing such a bad job could be worse.


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