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  • thick & thinI didn't think it would happen so soon...November 13, 2014 : 12:28
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    So how quickly could it all unravel now that SD is in the limelight for his financial sleight of hand ?

    Excellent piece in the Guardian by David Conn which echoes doubts cast on the Club's financial stability raised by, I think, former Forever Bury members a few month's ago.

    Whether or not SD's financial dealings are kosher it really doesn't seem to be a sensible way to run a football club with ambitions to be around for the indefinite future.

    I suspect that SD hates this sort of publicity, who wouldn't ?, and that he may pull the plug very quickly if it persists. See you at Edgeley Park a couple of seasons after ?

    The Boy HoltyNovember 14, 2014 : 01:19
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    Hopefully the amount he's put into the club will prevent any quick sales (as if anyone would buy the club) and I doubt he'd have the balls to just wind the club up and sell the ground.
    It all seems a bit short-sighted to me, saying he wants us in the championship. Anyone can see that a club like Bury is never going to survive at that level so we're only going to do it with clever investment and by creating revenue streams that are sustainable, but taking out million pound loans is just stupid. It all sounds very dodgy to me despite their denials (and the statement looks like it was written by an angry child, rather than an intelligent, educated businessman).
    I've been saying for a while that the next five or ten years will be the best, and the last, in the club's history. Remember Gretna?

    thick & thinNovember 14, 2014 : 10:46
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    I agree with every word of your News Item and reply above. Certainly the future when SD eventually loses interest is bleak but like you, 5 to 10 years seemed a reasonable shelf life. However if SD gets twitchy I can only see that trickling down to the football management team when it comes to where they see their futures and likewise to the recruitment and retention of good players on long (2 or 3 year) contracts.

    The potential for a disastrous snow ball effect seems very high to me. A bad run of form could have several key personnel phoning their Agents. Hopefully I will be wrong as usual. A damn good run in the F.A. cup could go a long way to calming everyone's financial nerves so fingers crossed for a return to home form against Luton.

    Your comments about the Club's statement made me chuckle. It's not the first from 'the Board' which has been laced with Primary School grammatical errors. However that's fairly typical of young Accountants these days !

    Dave.BNovember 21, 2014 : 13:52
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    I think constant speculation over these matters is pretty pointless, we'll probably never know all the facts and I doubt David Conn does either. I think the recent statement by Forever Bury goes someway to assuaging fears of imminent financial meltdown but in reality we just never know. I've given up on all this stuff, what will happen will happen. All I know is I've seen 8 home games this season and we've won them all, yes, you heard me correct, won them all. Went to my first away game this season at Morecambe and we were garbage and to top it all David Conn goes and scores the winner for them, not content with raking through Bury FC's accounts trying to find juicy financial info to write about, he takes 3 points of us as well, at least I think it was David Conn, could've been Kevin Ellison, he had a bald whoever it was.

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