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  • Dave.BExeter 2 Bury 1 (Flying down to Exeter part 2)September 29, 2014 : 11:42
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    Well, by the looks of things, flying the team down to Exeter just isn't working and when will the the management team of Bury FC Inc realise this. I'm just about fed up of this situation and it's clear from last years failed 'We're flying down to Exeter' escapade that this just isn't on and this is a complete waste of club funds. I'm so disgusted I could rub myself all over with cold wet copy of today's Daily Mail. Anyway, 'Flying down to Exeter' sounds like The Worzel's version of Mike Nesmith's 'Flying down to Rio', no where near as exotic either and probably why we lost, yet again. I hold Mr Day directly responsible for his generosity and treating our players as 'Little Lord Fauntleroys' and making them big softies who don't like the coach because they get a bit travel sick. Not on Mr Day, not on. You've thrown away our unbeaten record and in the process out top o't league status, I can never ever forgive you. Next time IT'S NATIONAL EXPRESS OR NOTHING.

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