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  • The Boy HoltyMissed goalsSeptember 15, 2014 : 07:45
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    On Saturday at Carlisle I missed Danny Rose's goal as I was buying a pie (Cottage, as it happens - more on that elsewhere).
    On one of the few occasions I left Gigg early in disgust at a home defeat (we were losing 2-0 to Torquay a few years ago), I missed our late consolation goal.
    Once my mate John stormed out as we were 2-0 down to Darlington with two minutes left and missed both our goals as we came back to draw 2-2.

    Perhaps some of our readers (if we still have any) have some amusing tales to tell on the subject of missing Shakers goals).

    JONNOMissed goalsSeptember 17, 2014 : 04:39
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    As long as he didn't miss Brassy's OG at Darlington he was OK.

    To my shame, I walked out on the Sheffield United-Bury FA Cup replay in the early 1960s and missed the late George Jones goal that gave us a second replay at Hillsborough, which I watched throughout and we duly lost. Next day at school after the Bramall Lane game I raved about Jonesy's goal, relying solely on what I'd read about it in the Mirror that morning.

    Its Football JimSeptember 18, 2014 : 01:09
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    Not so much missing Bury goals but in the Bury vs Middlesborough cup game back in the 70s like a lot of people who couldn't get into the ground due to the numbers turning up, I was perplexed to find on taking up position behind the goal at the cemy end that we were 2 nil down already (after 8 minutes.) I'm sort of OK with missing them and it all turned out fine in the end as we know.

    thick & thinTorrential rain and dishonest referees...September 18, 2014 : 11:44
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    I have never left before the end of a game (however much I wished I had afterwards)but on a handful of occasions I have missed early Bury goals. The most notable example being in October '94 when I was working in London and Bury were at Reading in the League Cup.
    The journey to the old Elm Park(?) ground was painfully slow due to a deluge just before the kick off and I sat down with the handful of Bury fans about 15 minutes after the start. I was told that we were 2-0 up and playing Reading off the park - and we were ! We continued in the same style (those were the days of Stan Ternent, Tony Rigby and Mark Carter remember) but only for another 20 minutes or so.
    The rain was still falling and the Reading players and management were making the most of a pretty wet pitch trying to get the bastard in black (sorry, referee) to abandon the game; which he duly did before half time.
    I should have known not to go to the rematch but I did and we played really well inevitably losing to a last minute goal. Some of you will remember that Gary Kelly ran on to the pitch before the kick off carrying a pitch fork and planted it in the penalty area - brilliant !
    Incidentally several years ago Gary Kelly was reported to be seriously ill and I never read anything else after that. Does anyone know if, hopefully, he recovered ? He was another true Bury star.

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