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  • The Boy HoltyHow good are we?August 26, 2014 : 07:03
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    I've only seen two games so far this season, but from those matches and from what I've heard in the other games, we're looking pretty good. Does anyone think we're NOT good enough to go up?

    thick & thinAugust 27, 2014 : 07:13
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    The only weakness from what I've seen is the strength in depth of the squad. If the best 16 or 17 stay fit and free from suspension, which already looks unlikely, the play-offs at least are a certainty. However not only did the team perform like Arsenal against Plymouth, in that clear chances were wasted and then late mistakes led to pressure which nearly cost points, but also the attacking subs, e.g. Poole, aren't up to the standard of those they replace.

    Fortunately DF seems to be very good at using the loan market and hopefully that will continue.

    Great to read the "neutral fan's" blog. The Official Site and Bury Times could do worse than publicise it to try and generate more support. Provided a top 10 position is maintained crowd's of 3000+ plus should be the norm and produce a reasonable atmosphere.
    Anything less than a play-off place doesn't bear thinking about after all the investment and positive media attention.

    Incidentally I spent most of last week decorating but still made it to the game !

    Its Football JimSeptember 5, 2014 : 02:00
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    The only thing with going up would be whether we were prepared for League One well in advance. Just about making it and then finding ourselves unable to build for survival in L1 would be the worst possible thing in the universe (surely some mistake)Even worse than Cameron's policy towards Syria and Iraq. (Definitely some mistake). Were we to get promoted from say 6th place with a dubious penalty at the end of extra time in a play off against Accrington it would be catastrophic. Next season we would face massively imposing opposition the likes of which we cannot even comprehend. Teams of gigantic stature would simply overawe our brave lads. This season we need to establish ourselves with a solid performance and develop a style of play that is effective. Then we need to ensure our finances are tracking our budget and plan, and begin to look at whether we can attract the sort of superstars that we would need to be competitive with the massive league one clubs such So no more talk of promotion or we shall all be doomed.

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