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  • thick & thinAaaaargh!!!!July 13, 2014 : 08:01
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    Surely the new kit is awful?!

    The home kit MUST have royal blue shorts or else it isn't Bury F.C.

    As for the away kit - just another in a long line of insipid designs in totally inappropriate colours.

    And as for the huge ice cream cornet in the middle of both shirts - what are they thinking?!

    Or is it just me?

    The Boy HoltyJuly 14, 2014 : 01:59
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    I'm not keen on the white shorts and socks either, and the logo looks a bit rubbish, but I don't mind the away kit. Won't buying either of course. Haven't had a replica kit for ages.

    dundeeshakerJuly 14, 2014 : 02:01
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    think its okay but yes blue shorts !! wish could get a strip without any sponsors logo like the good old days ..there will be one on my back when out walking around sunny dundee

    shaker till i die

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