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  • thick & thinHas Ryan Lowe really signed ?May 27, 2014 : 08:10
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    Have I missed it...but I have seen nothing on the official web site about him signing ?
    As I mentioned when KB was sacked if we had Lowe since the start of last season we would have been in the top half and therefore probably promoted by the end of the season.
    More seriously does anyone know if Hussey will be returning ? Hopefully Burton's loss at Wembley makes it more likely.
    Now that Brian Jensen has signed for Crawley (League 1 !!) I can't wait to see who DF has lined up. It must be someone pretty special to improve on Brian.
    Amazing to see Bury paying transfer fees again as well as competitive wages.
    Roll on the new season.

    Its Football JimMay 28, 2014 : 01:31
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    If you look on Teamtalk website it says he has, on both the Bury and Tranmere sites. it would be quite a hoax if it was fictional. If he could score 20 goals for struggling Tranmere in L1 he must still be in great shape.

    thick & thinMay 30, 2014 : 03:57
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    Sorry Jim...just joking with the question about Ryan Lowe in an attempt to generate some interest. Did find it odd that there has been nothing on the official site though.
    Actually the Club's YouTube site does have quite a long interview with our hero at
    Shame to see Chris Hussey will be staying at Burton but DF seems to have all the options covered...except the goalkeeper ? I would have thought that now the play-offs have finished our new keeper would have been announced. Ironic to see Brian Jensen finding a new Club before Bury found his replacement !

    Its Football JimJune 3, 2014 : 09:49
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    You spoke too soon I think about Chris Hussey. Looks like he has signed for a couple of years.

    thick & thinJune 5, 2014 : 09:58
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    Number of Posts: 99 interesting turn of events there. He was widely reported to have accepted an extra year on his Burton contract which appearances had triggered to be followed a couple of days later by his contract being cancelled ! Great news !!
    Also looks like Brian Jensen's replacement has been lined up. Bournemouth's Shwan Jalal is reported to be signing a two year contract having won promotion with the Cherries twice. In addition he is 'only' 30 !
    My only reservation about the new season is the moaning from the Main Stand when Bury don't win every home game and aren't top of League 2 from the first fixture to the last. You just know it will happen !?

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