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    by The Boy Holty

    Well Mr Day is clearly not a patient man. I'm almost looking forward to hearing Blackwell whine, post sacking, about chairmen not giving managers enough time, about how he didn't have the opportunity to see his new squad gel and about how life's not fair.

    Well stop sobbing Kevin. Yes you assembled the bones of a good squad but then inexplicably stuck with clowns like Gareth Roberts and Tommy Miller and played a lone striker up front before acting surprised that we didn't have much of a striking presence. No-one can blame Blackwell for signing the players he did. Who could have forecast that Lainton would be so bad, or that Roberts, despite his championship experience would be so utterly woeful and that Miller would be so useless? But by not making the changes sooner, he left himself in a no-win situation and Stewart Day has either shown that he takes no shit, knows his football and won't stand for any nonsense OR that he's young and weak, and easily bows to fan pressure. Only time will tell.

    Are we in a better position for the Blackwell regime? Yes and no. Kevin took over us just over a year ago and during that time we've dropped a division but slashed our wage bill so the club's healthier but being forced to turn out (and lose) against shit like Rochdale, Morecambe and Dagenham doesn't appeal to me much.

    So who's next? Ben Futcher will be the name on many lips, but with no experience and, in my opinion, too much of the 'nice guy' about him, he may not be the man for the job just yet. As for who else is available, well who knows but David Weir and Martin Allen have both been made jobless in the last few days and we know our chairman is an ambitious one - I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Alex Fergusson gets a call this afternoon.

    If it were up to me I'd have given Blackwell a bit longer, but what the hell do I know, I'm a computer programmer, not a football manager.