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    by The Boy Holty

    Chris Casper once famously proved beyond all doubt how utterly clueless and shit he really was by commenting about Bury's fixtures and saying "They don't come much bigger than Rochdale" and this just a few years atfer we had been lining up against the likes of Sunderland, Middlesbrough, West Brom and Manchester City. What a knob.

    Bury games against Rochdale should serve to remind us of one thing and one thing only, and that is how crap we are. To be fair, it actually gets less and less depressing every time we have to play them, but its still an embarrassment of the worst kind that our two league games against Fail are the highlight of our season. Well, not for long hopefully as Stewart Day, Kevin Blackwell & co have higher aspirations for us than an annual away win and home defeat against team representing a bus stop in Heywood and managed by that ultimate plonker Keith Hill.

    That said, it remains a top day out, thanks in a large part to the cheap beer to be found in the town. Honestly, you can get three pints and some change for a fiver in The Star, a mere stone's throw from Snotland.

    We always take a good following and I'd be diappointed with much less than 2000 Bury fans on Saturday, in fact we'll probably make up around 40 - 50% of the entire crowd, such is the lack of interest in the team by the average Rochdale bog dweller (although as a Bury fan, I feel a bit cheeky typing that as most Bury folk have never been to Gigg in their lives).

    I may be getting carried away here but if we play like we have played and show the same level of inmprovement, we're going to score four goals or more. Rochdale look pretty poo and after a good 3-0 win over Hartlepool on the opening day of the season, haven't won since although they took a creditabe point from Oxford last weekend.

    We've lost on our last two visits to Grotland, both by thee goals so we owe them one and Its about time we reminded them who's top dog around these parts.

    I just hope we don't choke, because it will be goals, goals, goals. Up the Shakers.