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    Our Squad / First Team?

    by The Boy Holty

    Our squad is still very much under construction, but what about this for a first team based on our current available players?

    There are weaknesses, such as Rooney, who I don't expect much from, Lockwood, who's not very good, and Holden who's out of position on this line-up, but on the whole it could be a competitive side.

    Subs would be, well pretty much the entire remaining playing staff: Lainton, McDermott, Sedgewick, Byrne (if fit) and Pratt.

    Undoubtedly there are more players to come. We need more back-up in defence especially and another striker would add some much needed competition for the places up front.

    Unless I've missed anyone out, here's our current squad:


    Trevor Carson

    Rob Lainton


    Adam Lockwood

    Gareth Roberts

    Euan Holden

    Phil Picken

    Nathan Cameron


    Andy Proctor

    Greg McDermott

    Shane Byrne

    Chris Sedgewick

    Craig Jones

    Tom Soares

    Ashley Grimes


    Shaun Harrad

    Tom Pratt

    John Rooney