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    The Revolution is Here

    by The Boy Holty

    Bury FC's revolution is well underway and whilst we don't yet know if all these changes are for the ultimate good of Bury FC or not, it makes for interesting reading.

    There are currently four board members, all of whom are new to their positions of power at Gigg Lane.

    The new Chief Operations Officer is Ian Kendall. He describes us as as prestigious club, which is a description I've never heard before about Bury FC. He says he wants to make match days more enjoyable for fans so presumably he's going to erect fences between the pitch and the supporters then introduce strippers and more bars. I'm pretty sure from what we've heard from him so far that he has never previously visited the town of Bury, let alone watched a game at Gigg Lane.

    Then there's Gisela Alberici who sounds like some kind if Disney villain. She's our legal advisor although why we need one of those is something of a mystery to me. Perhaps her role is to make the new board to look authentic while they plunder our club, resulting in its eventual shutting down without any consequences for the owners.

    We have a Chief Exec. His name is Glenn Thomas and he at least recognises that challenging times lie ahead. He also gives the impression that he has some idea about the club. He's going to be working on the Bury FC brand so if he's worth his salt then the club might have a bigger profile within the town and the region in the future. He also promises 'changes', whatever that might involve, but its needed. This is the only new board member who doesn't scare me.

    The new chairman, Stewart Day, has kept fairly quiet apart from the initial statement when he said "I am extremely proud to take over the role and responsibility of putting Bury Football Club back onto a strong football and financial footing". Well that's certainly what is needed but despite his description as a lifelong football fan, I struggle to see what his motivation could be to get involved with Bury FC. He is a 31 year old property entrepreneur so maybe he can see the value and potential in the piece of land we refer to as Gigg, or 'home'.

    In a move no-one could have seen coming a few weeks ago, the new administration have paid off all outstanding loans. He's also met Forever Bury and backed Kevin Blackwell. Recently the club announced that new furniture was being bought to spruce up the interior of the club. This is also needed but wher is this money coming from?

    I would love to get on board with all the excitement, but I really really worry about the future of Bury Football Club, I think there's a real chance that these four people who have NO previous connection with the club and NO experience of running a football club, and and are all business-people (i.e. people who conduct their professional lives with the sole aim of making money) are going to take us on a roller-coaster ride where we might win some games, have a good team to watch for a while and may win a promotion or two, but will it all end in tears? I fear so.

    I get the impression that they're going to continue to back Blackwell not just in word, but with cold hard cash. How that leaves us in years to come, well we've seen it before and it wasn't nice then either.

    Having said all that, there's precisely bugger all I can do about this situation so I'm going to get on board and enjoy it while I can. The new board have my full support whilst I have no reason to oppose them. I obviously hope I'm wrong in all I've said here.

    So, we may not have a club to watch in two or three years, but the next one should be interesting.