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    The Retained List

    by The Boy Holty

    Players under contract for 2013/14 season

    Trevor Carson, Phil Picken, Shane Byrne, Adam Lockwood, David Worrall, Craig Jones, Andy Bishop and Shaun Harrad

    Players released

    Joe Skarz (Signed for Rotherham United), Marcus Marshall, Mark Carrington, Efe Sodje, Mark Hughes, Max Harrop, Carl Regan, Christian Dibble, Euan Holden, Jordan Melia, Dalton McLaughlin, David Healy, Cameron Belford, Craig Fagan, Tom Soares, Valery M├ęzague

    Loan players returned to parent clubs

    Ashley Eastham, Nicky Ajose, Jonson Clarke-Harris, Zac Thompson, Ethan Ebanks-Landell

    The club has made the announcement that all players out of contract are to be released. I do feel though, that if the financial situation is resolved quickly, some of those players may be offered deals - particularly Carrington, Regan, Fagan and Soares (and possibly Holden).

    But whether its Blackwell or someone else, there's not much to work with here. There's a lot of work for someone, I just wish they were able to get on with it. When the news of our financial troubles broke, they said they hoped to have it resolved within a week. Obviously that was a bit ambitious, but its well over a month later now and nothing's been announced. Its worrying.

    Anyway I didn't know what to use as an image for this news item so please enjoy the picture I found of some cheese. Hmmm cheese.